AYS v 2.0



AYS – is essential and highly recommended system patch for Microsoft Windows users. It denies any connections to malware websites from MP-E’s Generic Black List. It also blocks some adds.

Installation process:

There are two ways to install this vital system patch. They are Auto and Manual. The easiest one is Auto, which requires just downloading .exe file directly from Official MP-E’s source located on Google Drive and running it as administrator. Installer does everything automatically without any pop-outs.This is recommended way.

Click on Download button below



As this system is automatic some anti-malware software or browsers may block the installer. It is recommended that you allow installation yourself or turn off anti-malware software before downloading the file. You certainly can turn them on right after running installer.



download installer

The second way is more complicated. It can be useful if anti-malware software bans auto mode. Below these instructions you can see Download hosts file link. Click on it.After that you will get hosts file. Hold Win (button with windows/microsoft logo) button and press R. Type %SystemRoot%/System32/drivers/etc. Find hosts file here and replace it with downloded one.


Download hosts file


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